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Meteoplug provides an easy way to display a dashboard with weather instruments. To keep it simple, configuration of instruments is very limited but allows you to have a quick view on your most important sensor data in a convenient way. Instruments are visualized by "Weather Display Live (WDL)" applet of Julian Best. If you are interested in details about WDL, you might visit these pages.


Instruments Configuration

To make use of Meteoplug instruments you have to enter

  • Station Name which might describe location of weather station.
  • Language used with instruments. You just can choose between English, Finnish, Danish, Dutch, French, Swedish, German, Catalan, Spanish, Norwegian, Italian, Portuguese, Estonian, Faroese, Frisian, Greek, Czech, Hungarian, and Bulgarian.
  • Sensors to be used for
    • Outdoor Temperature and Humidity
    • Presure
    • Wind
    • Rain
    • Solar (if a solar sensor available)
    • UV (if an UV sensor available)
    • Indoor Temperature and Humidity
  • Units to be used for display. Meteoplug provides a set of units for these categories:
    • Temperature: °C, °F
    • Wind Speed: km/h, mps, kts, m/s
    • Rain Fall: mm, in
    • Pressure: mb, hPa, kPa, inHg
    • Height: m, yds, ft

Emdebbing Instruments

Link "Call instruments directly calls a HTML page that displays instruments without administration interface. The URL does not need any login, it just displays your actual weather data as instruments as you have configured these with the steps mentioned above. URL parameters are encrypted in a way that does not allow anyone to guess your user name, station's MAC or any other information you might not want to share with the public.

You can very easily embed these instruments into your homepage by placing the provided link into an IFRAME onto your homepage's HTML code. IFRAME tag on your Homepage might look like this:

<iframe src="" 
    Browser does not support IFRAMEs