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Here you define which weather station is connected to your Meteoplug client.

Available Devices

This section lists devices which are momentarily connected to the client. Devices are listed sorted by it's type of physical connection:

  • USB serial lists devices that are connected via USB but have a serial-to-USB converter included. From a logical point of view these are serial connections tunneled via USB. When you connect a weather station with RS232 connector by means of a RS232-USB converter the station will be listed as "USB serial".
  • Serial lists devices that are directly connected to a RS232 port of your client. As Bifferboard clients don't support native RS232 this list is irrelevant for typical Meteoplug usage.
  • USB HID lists devices that are connected via USB and are communicating by a USB HID protocol. This protocol is very flexible and was originally designed for connecting "human interface devices" like keyboards or mice. However, most appearing new weather stations make use of this type of protocol.

Select Weather Station

Weather stations can be added by selecting one from the drop-down list at the bottom. You can select any station from the table below. Stations differ in type of connection as you can see from table below.

Station Name Company Serial USB serial USB HID TCP/IP
WMR-928, WMR-968 WMR-918N Oregon Scientific x RS232-USB converter - -
RFXCOM Receiver 433MHz RFXCOM - 80002 - 81003, 82003, 83003, 84003
WMR-100 Oregon Scientific - - x
WMR-200 Oregon Scientific - - x
WMRS-200 Oregon Scientific - - x
RMS-300 Oregon Scientific - - x
TE-923, TE-821X, DV-928 Hideki, Mebus, Irox, Honeywell - - x
Vantage Vue, Vantage Pro2, Vantage Pro1 (FW B) Davis WL Serial WL USB - WLIP
WN-1080, WH-1081, W-8681, Elecsa 6975, 265 NE Fine Offset Electronics - - x -
Ultimeter 100, 800, 2100 Peet Bros x RS232-USB converter - -
MKIII Rainwise x RS232-USB converter - -
WS-2300, 2310, 2350 LaCrosse x RS232-USB converter - -
WS300, WS400, WS444, WS500, WS550, WS777, WS888, etc. LaCrosse, ELV, Conrad - - x -

Select Device

When you have a weather station selected that is connected via "serial" or "USB serial" you have to enter the name of the Linux device being used to connect. When the device is listed as available device, you can simply select it from the "select" drop-down list. Otherwise please type in device name.

When you have a "TCP/IP" connection selected please type in IP address or symbolic name of the weather station followed by the port number, separated by a colon. Example: "" might connect to a Vantage WLIP datalogger at IP and is configured to serve data on port 10001.

Additional Parameters

  • Hold Time specifies how long data delivered by a sensor should be regarded being actual. When client doesn't receive data during that period, weather is considered stalled and Meteoplug client will try to restart weather station connection.
  • Altitude given in meters above zero is needed for sea level pressure calculations.
  • Sealevel gives you the option to decide how sealevel pressure should be computed from pressure measured at station height. There are three modes available:
    • Sealevel Pressure can be directly taken from weather station (if weather station can handle station height and delivers corrected sealevel pressure via its interface).
    • Sealevel pressure is computed from station pressure and altitude.
    • Sealevel pressure is computed from altitiude and outdoor temperature using sensor th0
  • Windchill can be taken from the weather station or can be computed by Meteoplug from wind speed and outdoor temperature.
  • Stopped gives you an option to have data from weather station dropped and not being reported to Meteoplug server application. This option can be useful for trouble shooting.

Special "Stations"

Beside real weather stations Meteoplug also supports an number of special "stations" that log interesting data not being connected to a meteorological topic at all.


As a special weather station you can select a "System" module that reports statistical data about client's uptime, number of processes, system load, etc. This station reports values as unspecified "data" values. Logged data can be used for computation and graphing and might indicate down time, peak load situation etc of your client.

EM1000, EM1010

These energy monitoring devices from ELV and Conrad can also be logged by Meteoplug. They do report power and energy consumption as data values. These values can be used for graphing and computation like true weather data sensors.